Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell packaging manufactured by Great River Plastics, LLC, is custom thermoformed for specific retail products. Plastic clamshell packages display products for optimum display value, anti-pilferage, and best use of shelf space. Retail products can be inserted into the custom-made clamshell packages without special machines.

Our equipment is designed for large parts, and has the capacity to produce large orders very cost effectively. Call Pat at 800-914-8994 for more information about our free design services and the custom thermoformed plastic clamshell packaging manufactured by Great River Plastics, LLC.

We do NOT offer stock products.

Retail Products Clamshell Packaging
We sell ONLY custom products.

We competitively manufacture plastic packaging here in the Midwest U.S.A. so we can control quality and delivery. Great River Plastics, LLC uses only materials provided by U.S. vendors and workers. We are a proud U.S. manufacturer, not a parts broker.